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Jeremy Cage, Voiceover Artist

Jeremy has been working in entertainment since 1995, but it started much earlier than that. As a child, he realized he could morph his voice, when he started impersonating Mickey Mouse, Alf and Bobby from Bobby's World. As time went on, he added to his voice repertoire, and at this point he can perform over 1,000 voices. 

In 1995 he started using his voices professionally. Jeremy created a one man comedy show where he was the main act, as well as the opening act. For the main act, he had a show called, "The Resurrection of Sam Kinison" and the opening act was a comedy show using hundreds of his other voices. 

After a couple of years of doing voiceover work for local radio stations, his dream of becoming a radio personality came true - without getting a degree in Communications. During that time he became proficient at writing copy, production work and conducting live-action events. 

In 2004 Jeremy started his own production company offering the following services: voiceovers, copy writing, comedy writing and full production. Jeremy has also done several acting gigs over the last 20 years as well. 

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